Late Sri Raghavacharya was a pious, noted scholar, guide, and visionary who emphasized on helping the poor and needy in any form possible. His main priority was the propagation of Vedic culture.

Sri Raghavacharya was considered the pillar that held his family up, but the solid foundation that this pillar stood upon was none other than his wife Smt. Lakshmi Devi. She carried her family to the pinnacle of its moral and religious prestige. Together, they raised their children to be strong and independent members of society. Their children were taught to always help others even if it required some personal sacrifice.

Now, fully grown, their children are responsible members of society that have founded BRACT "Bhattar Raghavacharya Lakshmi Charitable Trust" as a tribute to their parents' vision. This is a non-profit organization that's objective is to safe guard the Vedic culture and participate is various charitable activities.

Through the past 14 years BRACT has served many purposed both charitable and religious.

Services of BRACT in past 14 Years:

Printed and Distributed rare Vedic, spiritual books.

Provided books, clothing, and other necessities to orphans.

Promoted Vedic culture through Vedic and spiritual studies.

Giving aid to victims of natural calamities without discriminating against cast, creed, and/or religion.

Allotted scholarships to merit students

  Giving astro services and counseling through our “Acharya krupa prognostic centre”.

Aided in the treatment of cancer patients.

Provided medication, clothing, care, and other needs to the elderly